Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How to Make a Magnet Mount for your GoPro Hero

The funny thing about Gopro cameras, is the infection.  Oh yea, the infection you get trying to figure out
what you can do with them, where you can mount them.  If you are reading this you probably drive your
friends crazy with talk of Gopro everything, but I say too bad. Its good clean fun ...... most of the time.
One of my first home brewed Gopro mounts was my magnet mount, it sure is ugly but it worked like a charm.
Well, recently it started to come apart so I started hunting for a new model to build. I am a big
fan of Gopro free forums, it is a great community resource for everything Gopro. A couple users there
made magnet mounts using a 25 pound pull antenna magnet, so when I found them cheap at Harbor
Freight Tools I figured I'd give it a try. Here is my DIY video so you can make one yourself.

Parts List
25 pound pull antenna magnet
1/2 inch 1/4 20 machine screw
1/4 inch washer

It's an easy build and a must for your Gopro kit.  If you build this DIY be careful, the magnet
is strong enough to keep the camera on a car, it's also strong enough to damage a paint job.
I always use a tether, if your camera fly's off and hurts someone or causes an accident that would
be very bad.
Here are a couple fun videos to remind you that no mount is perfect.

DIY Chickens
I found two places where you can buy a magnet mount for your Gopro. Check them out.
Eye of Mine
Rage Cams


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Driving down Mt. Evans

That was all it cost to drive on the highest paved road in the lower forty-eight.
What do you get for your ten bucks?
How about an amazing view and a nail biting, no guard rail thrill ride up and down a fourteener.
14,265 feet to be exact.
If you spend any time in the Denver area you need to make this drive, it's well worth it.
The mountain goats are easy to spot, but don't miss the pika.  They are the funny little fur balls
running around among the boulders.

On your way up or down stop at the Echo Lake Lodge and watch the humming birds feed under
the breeze way. Very cool.
Drink plenty of water and don't stay on top too long or you'll get altitude sickness.  We were
hurting half of the next day.  Ouch, that's what happens when sea level folks go alpine.
I shot the drive down with my GoPro Hero HD in video mode 3 720 @60fps.


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