Thursday, October 25, 2012

Have You Ever Had

Have you ever had the feeling your being watched?
We had this interesting fellow visit our garden.
But what is he/she?
We think robber fly.
Curious, the face shot above and at the bottom reminded me of
the locker people from Men In Black.
One of the benefits of having a garden, you never know what
might peek over the fence at you.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Chase Jarvis Blog GoPro Hero 3 "Situation" OVER

UPDATE: Today 10/24/2012 a week later.
I sent another e-mail to every e-mail address on their contact page and the e-mail
made it through.  The photo has been taken down and I am happy.
I originally wrote this post and the video when I had no luck through twitter or e-mail.
I don't think either helped, but there was some interesting discussion on my Youtube
video.  I think it is very important for all content creators to stay vigilant in protecting
their intellectual property.  Even something as silly as a small photo on a blog post.
It is important. 


I had hoped to spend my weekend finishing one of several videos I have been working on,
but then the new GoPro Hero 3 came out and changed my plans.
On Wednesday 10/17/2012 GoPro announced it's new Hero 3 camera.
Like all GoPro fans and users I went looking on the web for pictures of the new camera.
What I found is very small but in many ways is a big deal to me and journalists everywhere.
Celebrity photographer educator Chase Jarvis posted a blog with photos of the new
camera he got while attending the GoPro party in San Francisco.
At the bottom of his post was one more small photograph.
It had no attribution, no link through to my blog, no mention of the photographs creator.
The photo had been copied, pasted and RENAMED.

I posted this photograph on my blog back in August.  
I thought it might be fun to start getting an online conversation started about the
GoPro Hero 3 and what features it might have.

He has cameras.
He knows how to take a picture.
Why would he ever take someones work an put his name on it?
It does not make sense.

I E-mailed him.
I tweeted him.
I have done my part.
Taking from others is wrong.
So, let it be known.
This is not cool.

Here are some interesting links.
His contact information. 


I have left the video up but only as a private video
Here is a video about this I posted on YouTube.

Monday, October 15, 2012

LEGOLAND Florida First Anniversary


Happy first birthday LEGOLAND Florida.

We had the chance to take in LEGOLAND for the first time this past Saturday
as guests of Chad Sroiano Photoblog and his family.
Taking on a theme park with a seasoned well trained family was a challenge
A challenge I had underestimated. 
We enjoyed the day, great park, amazing Lego models.
But we were completely zonked after trying to keep up.
Always looking for a new perspective, I stuck a GoPro Hero2 on their baby stroller.
aka StrollerCam
I shot a time-lapse of the day watch it here.

Here are a few photos from the day.

First family

San Francisco

We also walked through old Cypress Gardens.

Monday, October 8, 2012

ISS with a Dragon on its Tail.


Have you ever stepped outside and watched the ISS or International
Space Station fly over?  If you haven't you should and if you have, tune
in tomorrow night and watch the Dragon chase the ISS across the sky.
I shot this sequence of shots tonight as the ISS passed overhead, I looked
 for the Dragon but it was too far down on the horizon.  Tomorrow night
they should be close enough together to see them both in the same orbit.
The photos were shot with a Canon T4i iso400 30 second exposure 
at 4.5 using a Canon EFS10-22..
Check out this NASA website to see when the ISS will fly over your house. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

After Years, Hummingbirds!


After years of trying, it happened in an instant.
Mrs. Getawaymoments spotted a hummingbird in our garden.
We watched for a minute and then it zipped away.
For years we had grown hummingbird friendly plants with no luck.
Our house sits in the middle of a huge housing development, a desert
of sorts.  About two miles from our house is a street called Hummingbird Lane,
so I figured there must be some hummingbirds in the area.  For ten plus
years we have waited to see a visitor, success at last.
It appears to be a male Ruby Throated, if you know send me a message.
After our first spotting, we both sat in the garden waiting for a chance
to photograph our new visitor.  My first morning shots are above, with
a sample of the shots we have gotten since. It is quite a challenge
getting photos of a hummingbird eating, especially one NOT at a feeder.
Firebush seems to be the plant that finally worked in enticing them
to come for a visit.
Stay tuned as we document these little guys in the future.

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