Sunday, August 19, 2012

GoPro Hero3 Wish List

Update 2: I have a new post about speculation surrounding a new Hero 4
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and a new video check it out, click here.

Update: I purchased a Hero3 Black Edition and have now done
a review and first look.
Check out my new blog post here.
And my new YouTube video here.

Ah, the inevitable product cycle. If you are a regular reader of this blog, or
viewer of my Youtube Channel you know that I am a big user and fan of
GoPro Cameras.  Not quite as fanatical as an Apple fan.
It has been almost a year since the last GoPro Camera came out and I figured
I would make a video and post of my wish list for the next Hero.

I own most of the product line and make everything else I need from scratch.
Above and below are my three Heros, the Original Wide Hero the HD Hero
and the newest Hero2.

So what is on my wish list for the next Hero?

1.  The camera needs a 1/4 20 tripod mount

2. It needs to be black. The fact is the Hero
is being used for professional tv
 production and it needs to blend in,
 not stick out. 

3.  It needs exposure lock or some form of
manual settings for exposure and
color balance.

 That is the quick wish list, I am not one of these folks that expects DSLR
features out of a three hundred dollar POV camera.  However, there are
new competitors coming into the market and some features can be
tweaked easily.  I was going to post a review of the Hero2, but I never
got around to it.  I did want to mention, I like the new lens and sharper
sensor, I like the half second interval in time-lapse mode. I like the LED
light on the top and bottom of the camera, see below.  And last but not
least, I like that you can choose to put the LCD screen on the camera.
I like POV cameras to be small and cheap, I hope GoPro continues
to make their cameras and accessories expandable so I don't have
 to go buy new accessories with every new model. HUM HUM
Are you listening Canon and Sony? 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Feeding Frenzy

After a thorough soaking last night, I stepped out into the back yard this morning
to find a feeding frenzy.  I haven't see this much activity all summer.
Green bees, Miner bees everywhere. The Green bees jump on each other,
I don't know if they are mating or fighting, but check out the two shots below.
If you want to see more Miner Bees, above, check out this video.

Gulf Fritillarys, below, made their return after being absent most of the summer.

Mrs. Getawaymoments, captured an excellent shot of a Mud Dauber below.
The sight of these guys give me chills, creepy.

Today's big surprise, the arrival of our first documented visit by Florida's
own state butterfly, the Zebra Longwing.
I found them hard to photograph, they are not fast but they are constantly
on the move.  If you don't have some butterfly/bee friendly plants in your
yard, you should pant some you will not be disappointed.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Milky Way Astro Time-Lapse with Canon T4i

I'm always searching for dark skies, it's a necessary ingredient for astro time-lapse.
Most of the great astro time-lapses are shot in the dark corners of the planet.
Here in the United States that usually means the southwest.
Unfortunately, I live in Florida which has light pollution everywhere.
I shot a Moonset last May with some success.
A few weeks ago I had the chance to shoot part of the Milky Way
on a no Moon night in northern Virginia.
I did not have complete darkness, the lights from Dulles International Airport
were glowing in the distance.

I shot the time-lapse and stills with a Canon Rebel T4i (650D) with an EFS 17-55 2.8
ISO1600, 30 second exposures at 2.8 with a 2 second interval.
I used a Neweer RS-60E3 intervalometer.

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