Thursday, August 2, 2012

Milky Way Astro Time-Lapse with Canon T4i

I'm always searching for dark skies, it's a necessary ingredient for astro time-lapse.
Most of the great astro time-lapses are shot in the dark corners of the planet.
Here in the United States that usually means the southwest.
Unfortunately, I live in Florida which has light pollution everywhere.
I shot a Moonset last May with some success.
A few weeks ago I had the chance to shoot part of the Milky Way
on a no Moon night in northern Virginia.
I did not have complete darkness, the lights from Dulles International Airport
were glowing in the distance.

I shot the time-lapse and stills with a Canon Rebel T4i (650D) with an EFS 17-55 2.8
ISO1600, 30 second exposures at 2.8 with a 2 second interval.
I used a Neweer RS-60E3 intervalometer.


  1. Quick question, how did you avoid the noise coming from a 30 second exposure ?

  2. I didn't, the camera was set for iso 1600, it's that clean.
    You could use the "custom function" noise reduction feature but it takes time to process.
    Too long for shooting a time-lapse.
    The images I shot for this time-lapse were right out of the camera with no processing.
    Amazing how far the cameras have come.

  3. how much was the lens?

  4. $1000, but it is the best EFS lens Canon makes.


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