Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Florida West Coast Surf and Surfers

When you live on the west coast of Florida you don't see signs like this one very often.
But when you do, you either have a hurricane or a cold front bearing down on you.
Back in April, it was a cold front and was too frigid too swim so I spent some time
shooting surf and surfers.


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Beach Moonset and Astro Time-Lapse

Every time we go on vacation I always check to see if there is a chance we
might have dark skies, and I mean dark.
Why? Well, if your a fan of time-lapse, stars are the ultimate subject.
For most of us, light pollution surrounds us every night, only a few stars
might be visible to the naked eye. To shoot a good astro time-lapse you need
to find really dark skies. One of the few places near where I live where you might
get some good darkness is the beach, thank you sea turtles.  On our last
staycation I was lucky to get a balcony room up on a high floor and shot this
moonset and astro time-lapse. I shot it with my old Canon 40D, bad pixels and all.
The first shot is of a waxing crescent Moon and Venus.
The fourth and fifth and sixth shots show how clouds and light pollution
can make shooting stars difficult.
In the world of astro time-lapse it's ok but not great, I always take the opportunity
to practice for when I get some really dark skies.

Years ago I shot this frame from a lower balcony, you can see the tail end of
the milky-way.  The pool and resort lights blow out the foreground.

When I got my first DSLR (Canon 20D) one of the first things I shot was this
long exposure looking at the north star. 

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