Sunday, February 24, 2013

GoPro Hero3 Black Review and First Look

UPDATE: I have a new post about speculation surrounding a new Hero 4
Check it out, click here.
and a new video check it out, click here.


I bought a new GoPro Hero3 Black Edition a few months ago, and
have finally given a little thought to how it's going.
Here is the link to my review on Youtube, click here. 

If you buy any of the new Hero3 models you need to check to
make sure the firmware is up to date, check here. 

I have made a few videos using the Hero3 Black Edition and
will be making more in the months to come.
Check out the playlist on my Youtube Channel.

Below are some photos of the Hero3
If you have any question please leave them here or over
in the comments section on the video.

GoPro Hero Family Portrait

Smaller and lighter.

The Hero3 Black Edition comes with the wifi remote.

New water proof case latch.

Flat lens on water proof case.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Documenting Monarchs

It seems like I spend my life documenting things.
Nature being my favorite.
I keep a garden full of plants to attract and feed a variety of critters.
One of the regular visitors to our garden hotel/restaurant resort are Monarchs.
I never get sick of watching them do their thing.
I use a mobile earthbox to place Monarch egg covered milkweed
on my screened lanai.  This gives them some protection from birds
and wasps, it also lets me keep a close eye on their development.
Many times the caterpillars set up their chrysalis in places that
are not very photo friendly, but occasionally I get lucky.
This past month I had several new Monarchs do their thing
and one last week in a very photo friendly place, the door jam.

Here is a video of most of the transformation, click here.

The process can take hours, I have many cameras but I find
my Sony HDR-CX150 best for the job. I had to record several
hours, two weeks apart, to get the essential peak action.
Very cool.

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