Sunday, November 24, 2013

Painting Light with Sparklers and a GoPro Hero3 Black


You never know what you might get when you try light painting.
My wife had been after me to get some sparklers to give them a try.
Of course I wanted to try it with my GoPro Hero3 Black "see addict here".
Unfortunately, the new firmware for the Hero3 Black cut out one of
my favorite features of the new model, exposure lock.  It also reduced
the longest exposure to a 1/3 second instead of a 1/2 second.
Undeterred we gave it a shot.  Amazingly you still get some pretty
good results, click here to see the video.
Above and below are a few examples of the still frames we captured.
Next, we are going to give it a try with a DSLR and longer exposures.
Stay tuned.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

GoPro Hero3 Protective Lens Accessory

Quick post for my GoPro readers.  This week I bought
the protective lens accessory for my Hero3.
Seems like no big deal but I've been waiting years for these.
They come in a two pack for $20.  A decent price
to protect your camera if you are shooting without the
 waterproof case.  I made a short video showing how it works

This accessory does not fit the Hero HD or the Hero2.
So far it works great and does not seem to effect video quality.
Bottom line, if you want to shoot naked
you might want to get some protection.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

life is still finding a way

It's just a pink vinca flower ....... or is it?
A year ago it started growing in a crack in my driveway.
I thought it was funny, so I made a video and wrote a
blog post.  Then something unexpected happened.
It became family.

It continued to grow.
And grow.
And grow.
I could not think of pulling it up.
A couple weeks ago, we had a yard sale.
Every third person stopped to look at the flower
in the crack between the garage and the driveway.
Dumb founded they would look at us and we would
reply .... it just happened.

The pink vinca is no longer just a flower, it has a story.
Sadly it will come to an end someday, but to update
that little flower is still going strong and is not so
little anymore.

Here is the link to the original blog post
and the original video.

If you wondered, yes, the poor pink vinca gets a little battered
and bruised every time I use the truck.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Clearwater Beach Mini Staycation

Spent a few days in September out on Clearwater Beach.
Not much to say other than the Sunrises and Sunsets were beautiful.
Sand was white, sun was bright and no work to fight.
As usual, many photos were taken.  My addiction to
 tinkering with time-lapse gear and GoPros distracted me often.
Below are a few photos and videos ..... enjoy.


A couple behind the scenes photos.

Setting up the pan/tilt unit is sometimes a real head scratcher.

Having a dedicated partner makes me happy.

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