Sunday, November 10, 2013

life is still finding a way

It's just a pink vinca flower ....... or is it?
A year ago it started growing in a crack in my driveway.
I thought it was funny, so I made a video and wrote a
blog post.  Then something unexpected happened.
It became family.

It continued to grow.
And grow.
And grow.
I could not think of pulling it up.
A couple weeks ago, we had a yard sale.
Every third person stopped to look at the flower
in the crack between the garage and the driveway.
Dumb founded they would look at us and we would
reply .... it just happened.

The pink vinca is no longer just a flower, it has a story.
Sadly it will come to an end someday, but to update
that little flower is still going strong and is not so
little anymore.

Here is the link to the original blog post
and the original video.

If you wondered, yes, the poor pink vinca gets a little battered
and bruised every time I use the truck.

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