Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Glimpse of old Florida

Old Florida.

Before interstate highways. 
Exclusive walled communities,
And canyons of high rise condos.
There was sun and warmth in the dead of winter.

To get there you had to navigate a maze of secondary highways peppered
with a group of hard scrabble entrepreneurs selling ANYTHING.

New Florida is complicated. 
Desperately trying to shed the old skin.

Every now and again you will get a glimpse of the old.
Experience the silly.
Spend three dollars to feed some fish.

If you drive south on Route 1 down the Florida Keys
just below Key Largo on the north end Lower Matacombe Key
Or as the slick tourist ads prefer "Islamorada"

You will find Robbies

They offer many things at Robbies but there is really only one "attraction"
PT Barnum and every old Florida cracker would understand.
People will line up every day, pay you three bucks to make a fish jump.

Here is a quick video that sums up our Robbies experience.

Is nice some old Florida hangs on.


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