Thursday, December 12, 2013

Steadicam Curve First Look

New toy!
I could not help myself with this one, it just looked cool.
And so far it works well.
I think I originally saw this "bit of kit" demoed at NAB.
When I got the chance to pre-order it ....... I jumped, and I never
ever do impulse buys ..... go figure.
The Steadicam Curve is small, light with an elegant design.
Made of aluminum and plastic, its only function is to stablize
GoPro cameras.  As a card carrying addict I was powerless.
Do you need one? Probably .... NOT.  GoPro cameras have a wide angle
lens, almost 180 degree field of view, it hardly needs stabilization.
Then again I do see a ton of wiggly GoPro videos on the net so
maybe there is a need. Here is a first look video.

  I took the new rig on a short staycation
to Lido Key, Florida.  We ran it through several shooting
situations with some fairly good results.  Video below.

I also shot a room tour video with it, including a resort and beach shot.
I think the Curve will be a great tool for anyone using GoPros to shoot
real estate or tour videos.  Wedding photographers will probably
find them useful as well.  Below is the room tour video.


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