Sunday, September 1, 2013

GoPro Hero 4 ? NOPE Hero3+

Update: It's here and it's called the Hero3+
OK that's original.
Here is a link to their page and the new sales demo video.
Hero3+ video

So the good: color balance modes, better battery.
New lens, better in low light. smaller.
Not so good: still no exposure lock, no 1/4 20, no long exposure
times.  Nothing hits me as a wow I need to go buy this now.
I'm thinking the Hero3+ will be missing from my family
portrait above just like the forgettable Hero960.

The one thing I'm most excited about is the new protective lens.

I noticed that on YouTube the new "WOW" video to sell the camera
is listed in the "sports" category. The video was almost exclusively
Sports shots, so I guess this is the target market.
There was not one time-lapse shot, RC or other use shown.
Too bad, I guess all the 15 year olds on YouTube are right,
GoPros are for sports.

I will continue to use them for almost everything but, until
another manufacturer makes the camera I want.

It's that time of year when the interwebs start stirring about all kinds
of new products that will be arriving just in time for Christmas
and it's time for one of my favorite subjects,


Is there a GoPro Hero 4 on the way?
I made a video that discusses that possibility and my observations,
predictions and wishes for GoPro's next offering.

No way to know what is really coming down the pipe.
One thing is sure, the cameras are getting better with more
features than ever before.  Soon we will have HD plus
cameras everywhere, and they will be tiny.

My wish list this time for GoPro?

1/4 20 mount on camera.
Make it entirely black.
Manual control or AE exposure lock.
16 by 9 stills
Longer still exposure times.
Better battery 
and maybe even a Hero3s that will talk to you
or even a Hero3 Pink.

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