Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How to Make a Cheap and Easy Ikea Time Lapse Panning Unit Part 3

Ikea Ordning Timelapse Panning Unit

Ikea Stam Timelapse Panning Unit

Two years ago I put together the original How To Make An Egg Timer Timelapse Panning Unit.
I made the original timers for work back in 2008, to provide panning timelapses for extra b-roll
for projects I was shooting.  I had no idea the how popular these cheap little gadgets would
become, go figure.  I guess I'm not the only timelapse photo geek out here.
One of the constant comments I get is that they are too hard to build and they are ugly.
Frankly, I find them easy to build and I don't care how they look.  I care how well they work,
and that they are cheap enough to throw away when they break.  The original looked a little
steampunk, and that's cool right?  Well I have been listening and here are my two new designs.


Ikea Stam Timer

Ikea Ordning timer

1/4 20 set screw

3/8 to 1/4 20 bushing

One of the great things about these Ikea timers is that they are cheap.  Right now the Ordning is $5.99
here in the states.  The Stam is a crazy $1.99.   After you add a metal bushing to the Ordning you've got a tough piece of gear.  The Stam is so cheap why not try to convert it?  You do not need to take these timers apart for the conversion.  In my video I use a drill press, you do not need a drill press, you can do both of these conversions with a hand drill.
Both of these units will sit on a flat surface and spin.
Now for reality, the timers in all of these units have cheap plastic components so they will break.
That is why I build them as cheap as possible and keep a couple on hand.
When they break, I unscrew the bushing and the set screw and toss them.
You can get the set screws at any hardware store, the bushings are harder to find but most camera
stores will have them.
Finally, looks.  My original timer may have looked like junk but its product speaks for itself.
But for those of you (and we know who you are) who are fashion conscious, these new models
are stylish and functional at a bargain price.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ikea Cheap and Easy DIY Time Lapse Panning Unit Preview

Popular Science readers here is a link to my most recent blog post about the Ikea Project

and here is the original DIY bog post and video on how to do it yourself.


Here is the Ikea DIY video.

This is a teaser video not the full DIY video.

Just finished editing my latest DIY egg timer time lapse video.
Thought it would be fun to cut a quick preview.
I had a great time shooting the colorful Ikea kitchen
timers with a IGUS Drylin slider on loan from Chad over at Canon1dm4 on youtube.
Check out his review.

The preview and DIY were shot with a Canon 7D and an EF 50mm 1.4.
The full DIY will arrive soon, I must find my photos and parts list
for a complete and thorough blog post.

Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Here is the full blog post and the Popular Science update.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ants take out the trash or pick up dinner

I almost stepped on this procession on the way to my car.
Quickly grabbed my little video camera (Sony sx-83)for those
who are asking, and popped off a few shots.
Not the best video I shot all week, but it is interesting.
Teamwork is amazing in its purest form.

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