Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ikea Cheap and Easy DIY Time Lapse Panning Unit Preview

Popular Science readers here is a link to my most recent blog post about the Ikea Project

and here is the original DIY bog post and video on how to do it yourself.


Here is the Ikea DIY video.

This is a teaser video not the full DIY video.

Just finished editing my latest DIY egg timer time lapse video.
Thought it would be fun to cut a quick preview.
I had a great time shooting the colorful Ikea kitchen
timers with a IGUS Drylin slider on loan from Chad over at Canon1dm4 on youtube.
Check out his review.

The preview and DIY were shot with a Canon 7D and an EF 50mm 1.4.
The full DIY will arrive soon, I must find my photos and parts list
for a complete and thorough blog post.

Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Here is the full blog post and the Popular Science update.



  1. I'd love to see one timer do the turning of the camera while another pulls the first (by an attached piece of string) and the camera along a track, or even just a skateboard, for that full motion shot

    1. Sounds like a fun idea. You should build it. Send me a link to the video when your done, DIY and results video would be cool.

  2. Hi Larry, can you email me at tim AT narwhalcreative DOT com? I'd love to feature this trick in a magazine I work for.


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