Sunday, April 15, 2012

Popular Science Simple Project of the Month

Page 79 of the May 2012 edition of Popular Science.  Low cost kitchen timer
panning units have officially gone mainstream. My Ikea Stam kitchen timer hack
is Popular Science's May Simple Project of the Month. 
I don't know why but there is something about seeing your stuff in print that is always fun.
For those of you just finding my blog and wanting to build this project, my DIY video is
below along with links for other versions of my panning units.
Here is the link for my original Ikea Hack blog post.
This project is best for small point and shoot cameras with built in intervalometers.
I use GoPro Hero cameras with mine, they are cheap, light, durable and
have an internal intervalometer that will run until the battery dies or memory card fills up.
This Ikea Stam Kitchen timer is not strong enough for DSLRs.

Want to see the Ikea Stam in action? Check out this video
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Here are a few links I would suggest watching if you want to make your own panning unit.
Egg Timer Timelapse Panning Unit Part 1
Egg Timer Timelapse Panning Unit Part 2
 Egg Timer Timelapse Panning Unit Part 3
 Egg Timer Timelapse Panning Unit Part 4

$6 will add motion to your timelapse.

A GoPro shooting a GoPro Hero2 in action.
There are four different colors to choose from, $1.99 each..

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fun with Macro

I'm a big fan of extreme wide shots and incredible close ups.
To that end I want to celebrate macro.
Macro shows us another world, a microscopic world.
Below you get a glimpse of me using the afternoon sun to help capture
some macro stills and video with my Canon 7D and 65 MP- E.
Photo courtesy of that wicked eye on Mrs. Getawaymoments.

Our screened lanai provided the subjects of this shoot.
In macro, the screen looks like prison bars. 

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