Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pan Left Lido Key

Pan Left Lido Key is the second in my series of "pan left" shorts.
The first, Pan Left PortlandDetails here.
We shot this short during our April staycation at Lido Key in Sarasota Florida.
Now the point of a vacation/staycation is not working ..... but when your a timelapse
addict you have little choice in the matter.
The entire short was captured with two GoPro Hero cameras mounted on my homemade
egg timer timelapse thing-a-ma-jig.
The cameras were set to shoot 1 frame every 2 seconds.  The egg timers rotate 360 degrees
in an hour.  I slowed and sped up the lapses to fit the music.

The music bed is "Wavy Glass" by Podington Bear.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

360 Degree Underwater GoPro Panning TimeLapse Test

Back in August I promised I would try to test my egg timer time lapse thing-a-ma-jig again
and try to achieve an underwater 360 degree panning timelapse with my gopro.
Well, I finally got a chance to try it again while on staycation here in Florida.
Specifically, Lido Beach in Sarasota.
I waited for a quiet morning, did not want kids disturbing it, or creeped out parents calling the cops.
Amazingly, it worked.

The inspiration for this test came from Canon Filmmakers and Philip Bloom.
Cristina came up with the idea and their video is a fun watch.

I used the same rig as before, Joby Gorillapod, with egg timer spinning my GoPro Hero.
Unfortunately, this time the shot killed my egg timer.
So, don't try this shot unless you want to risk your $4 dollar egg timer time lapse thing-a-ma-jig.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Grape Vines

grape leaf

Funny thing living in agricultural zone 9.
It means almost everything grows here, but not necessarily at the same time and way.
Instead of one season, we get two. Kind of .......... spring and fall.
I have been growing grapes for years in my tiny garden along my fence.
Muscadine and seedless red grapes.
Most years the red seedless fail miserably.
I continue to grow them for the challenge and the enjoyment of watching them grow.
Every once in a while, when the winter is wetter then normal I get babies.

baby grapes

April 24th and growing

a bunch from years ago

Now before the question arises, these are table grapes.  No vino.
For my thick friends, that means eatin not drinkin. "K"?
If it does not get too hot and I can keep the insects at bay, I should be
eating these little guys in June.  Fingers crossed.

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