Sunday, May 1, 2011

Grape Vines

grape leaf

Funny thing living in agricultural zone 9.
It means almost everything grows here, but not necessarily at the same time and way.
Instead of one season, we get two. Kind of .......... spring and fall.
I have been growing grapes for years in my tiny garden along my fence.
Muscadine and seedless red grapes.
Most years the red seedless fail miserably.
I continue to grow them for the challenge and the enjoyment of watching them grow.
Every once in a while, when the winter is wetter then normal I get babies.

baby grapes

April 24th and growing

a bunch from years ago

Now before the question arises, these are table grapes.  No vino.
For my thick friends, that means eatin not drinkin. "K"?
If it does not get too hot and I can keep the insects at bay, I should be
eating these little guys in June.  Fingers crossed.

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  1. Your stuff is phenomenal! I'm heading out NOW to buy a GoPro.
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Mitch Ashley, Jacksonville, FL


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