Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pan Left Portland

So here was the idea.
Do a travel log made up of time lapses shot with my GoPro Hero camera.
Well, I've done that in the past so this time how about a continuous pan.

The downside of my revolutionary egg timer time lapse panning
is that it only pans left.
Hence .... Pan Left Portland.

Now before I get a bunch comments, I only scratched the surface of cool
shots to get in the Portland area.
We wanted to get Mount Hood but it was socked in on the Gorge day.
Same for a great downtown shot.
As with all travels to new places you must leave some things for the
next trip.

I think the flying panning time lapse shots are a first of its kind, definitely
with an egg timer.

Music by Portland local Podington Bear.



  1. Your homemade egg timer runs great for all the paces you put the thing through...

    You can have Pan Right Portland if you mount the GoPro Hero camera upside down and flip the images in post...Just an idea!

  2. Really loved the use of the egg timer for capturing a vacation. This invention does have unexplored uses.... keep up the exploration ...they are great!

  3. I'm on the egg. Building mine now. Thanks for good vids. Love the music.

  4. Is it better to shoot video or still captures ever couple seconds with the GoPro to make a time lapse video?
    i tested it out with video today and it seemed like it cut a lot of sections out when i speed it up.

  5. It depends on many variables, still shots usually work best. But if you use a time-warp effect on high quality video it can look great.

    My "Pan Left Portland" project was made from stills. One frame every two seconds. On a couple shots I adjusted the speed in editing.

  6. I've been going to Latourelle falls since I was a kid. Truly 'GORGEous'.(I couldn't help myself there!) Beautiful work. Now that Halloween is coming up, you can do some 'Pan Sinister Portland' shots. Ugh. far too much levity, pre-coffee this morning. Cheap Hacks Is Best Hacks! Thanks for the fantastic pix!

  7. Thanks for the note, we really enjoyed our visit out there have to visit again in the future.

  8. What if you set the GoPro to "upside down" mode? Wouldn't that allow panning right?

  9. No, it would still be a pan left upside down. However .... if you set the gopro to upside down mode and hang the gopro upside down you get a pan right. Been meaning to make a video of this subject ..... hum ......


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