Sunday, November 24, 2013

Painting Light with Sparklers and a GoPro Hero3 Black


You never know what you might get when you try light painting.
My wife had been after me to get some sparklers to give them a try.
Of course I wanted to try it with my GoPro Hero3 Black "see addict here".
Unfortunately, the new firmware for the Hero3 Black cut out one of
my favorite features of the new model, exposure lock.  It also reduced
the longest exposure to a 1/3 second instead of a 1/2 second.
Undeterred we gave it a shot.  Amazingly you still get some pretty
good results, click here to see the video.
Above and below are a few examples of the still frames we captured.
Next, we are going to give it a try with a DSLR and longer exposures.
Stay tuned.

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