Sunday, February 10, 2013

Documenting Monarchs

It seems like I spend my life documenting things.
Nature being my favorite.
I keep a garden full of plants to attract and feed a variety of critters.
One of the regular visitors to our garden hotel/restaurant resort are Monarchs.
I never get sick of watching them do their thing.
I use a mobile earthbox to place Monarch egg covered milkweed
on my screened lanai.  This gives them some protection from birds
and wasps, it also lets me keep a close eye on their development.
Many times the caterpillars set up their chrysalis in places that
are not very photo friendly, but occasionally I get lucky.
This past month I had several new Monarchs do their thing
and one last week in a very photo friendly place, the door jam.

Here is a video of most of the transformation, click here.

The process can take hours, I have many cameras but I find
my Sony HDR-CX150 best for the job. I had to record several
hours, two weeks apart, to get the essential peak action.
Very cool.

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