Sunday, October 7, 2012

After Years, Hummingbirds!


After years of trying, it happened in an instant.
Mrs. Getawaymoments spotted a hummingbird in our garden.
We watched for a minute and then it zipped away.
For years we had grown hummingbird friendly plants with no luck.
Our house sits in the middle of a huge housing development, a desert
of sorts.  About two miles from our house is a street called Hummingbird Lane,
so I figured there must be some hummingbirds in the area.  For ten plus
years we have waited to see a visitor, success at last.
It appears to be a male Ruby Throated, if you know send me a message.
After our first spotting, we both sat in the garden waiting for a chance
to photograph our new visitor.  My first morning shots are above, with
a sample of the shots we have gotten since. It is quite a challenge
getting photos of a hummingbird eating, especially one NOT at a feeder.
Firebush seems to be the plant that finally worked in enticing them
to come for a visit.
Stay tuned as we document these little guys in the future.


  1. Very cool pictures. Especially like the ones with the bee. They seem to be checking out each others' flying skills!

  2. Yes, but the hummers are much better pilots!


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