Sunday, September 23, 2012

Harvesting Sweet Potatoes

This summer I decided to give sweet potatoes a bigger piece of real estate in
my garden.  I like the flowers, my wife likes the potatoes.  I grew them last year
as an experiment, we had a store bought sweet potato that started to bolt. So, like
any good gardener geek, I planted it.  We got a few potatoes but the best surprise
were the flowers.  See video click here.  This year I planted two full beds and a
corner bed with the little seed potatoes from last year.  I trained the vines up
the fence to maximize growing space. As you can see below, we got quite a
few sweet potatoes and plenty of seed potatoes for next summer.
So one left over store bought sweet potato has now become several meals
and I still have two beds to dig.
Back yard gardening is no joke, it's good eats. 


  1. A lamb leg roast with sweet potatoes, carrots and parsnips is my idea of Sunday heaven. Yummy.

  2. My wife says we are coming over for dinner.

  3. Come on down ! We're a mere 24 hours away, and there is always room at the table for 2 more. Just give Qantas a call.


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