Monday, April 19, 2010

Fried Chicken or Visual Torture?

I don't know why, i just had to have it.
Yep, fried chicken. My Moms secret recipe, translated by a poor understudy.
Perfect, no. But good enough to make me happy.
Why are some of the best things in life the simple things?

are you hungry yet?
here is were the torture comes in.
can you hear it? sizzle
smell it? oh yea
you can't ..... I'm so sorry .....

See, the thing is for years i have gone without.
I did not want to stink up the entire house for a week just to have one meal.
My wife has the patience of a saint but fried anything is only wonderful in small
I recently got a Lodge Logic cast iron dutch oven for my Camp Chef grill.
So for all you folks craving fried chicken, there is a solution.
Do it outside.

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