Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The final act for Broccoli

Every year I allow a couple of my broccoli plants to flower and seed.
Frankly, towards the end they look like hell.
The delicate yellow flowers turn into green seed pods and eventually turn brown.

I fill my wheel barrow with the branches of pods, gab a fist full and twist.
The seed pods burst open and little round brown seeds pop out.
In November I will plant these seeds and start the process all over again.
I can't wait till the fresh broccoli returns.


  1. Nice photo's of seeds, thank you.
    I keep my seeds too :)

  2. Eat it! But usually by the time the plants are seeding the leaves seem tough and not really edible. Save the seeds, you can use them for years to come!

  3. I just cut back the seed pods from my Broccoli plant but the pods were still green was that OK or should they have been brown

    1. You should probably let them dry and turn brown, but if you have already cut them ... put the green seed pods in dry place and maybe you will get lucky!!!


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