Tuesday, September 7, 2010

GoPro Firmware is here!!!

Great news. The long awaited HD GoPro Hero firmware is here.
Sound the horns. It is a happy day in GoPro land.

Here is the link to GoPro's website where you can download the new firmware.
I did it in less then ten minutes for two Hero cameras.
The download and install is quick and easy.

Now, how about the fix.

I am most interested in the 9999 problem so I checked and it appears to be fixed.
When you do time lapses now the camera will record 999 frames in a folder.
At frame 1000 it starts another folder and so on.

I will check what happens at frame 9999 tomorrow.

Also, when you reformat your sd card the counter keeps climbing.
It does not restart at 0001.

******** update*********

YES!!!! It is working. I just finished running a long time lapse that straddled the 9999 file number and it worked without a glitch. The file numbers jumped from gopro9999 into a new folder starting with gopro0001.


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