Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Flying Time Lapse with a Twist

Its always nice to have a seat with a view.  Until about an hour later when boredom pays you a visit.
Me? I always carry my cameras and who knows what the bored mind will dream up next.
Here is my latest time killing project the Flying GoPro Time Lapse with a Twist.
I did all the moves in the camera, no editing tricks. So, how did I do it?


  1. I am not a big fan of window seats but your twisting panning device makes it worthwhile.

  2. That is way cool!! I just got my gopro last week and have made your Ikea panner. Do you have a post on how to do the process of making the movie?

  3. Thanks Kevin, I have not, simply because there are almost too many versions of editing software out there. I use an old Avid which most folks would not have. There are some instruction videos out there, most folks use quicktime pro to create a video sequence out of stills. The common denominator seems to be its all about how you set your project up and then ingest or import your stills.

  4. Thanks for the follow up post!! I will cross that bridge when I get there. I do have a few others for you.... How often are you taking your pictures? 2sec, 5sec, 10sec? And, what size card do you run? I am planning on shooting time laps for a 340 mile canoe race on the Missouri River in Oct, it should take about 50 hours. I would like to get as much of the race shot as I can between battery swaps. Here is a sample of what I am looking to do: http://www.3dudesinacanoe.org/

    Their Kawnivore video is shot with a gopro...I wish I could take credit for that but those are some fellow canoers.

  5. 2 second intervals. Generally the more frames you shoot the smoother the lapse. I shoot on 2,4 and 8 gig cards. I would like to see a canoe lapse shot from high and behind, facing forward.
    That could be very cool. I guess you could rig it to get both front and back. 50 hours is a ton of frames and batteries. I think the best way to do it is constant camera movement, every time you change battery and chip, change the shot and it will give you tons of editing choices. Mix it up. Good luck and e-mail me a link once your done.


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