Sunday, November 4, 2012

UPDATE: GoPro Magnet Mount DIY Part 3

I have made a few modifications to my original GoPro Magnet Mount DIY Project.
Please check out my original post  .... click here.
And watch my original video ...... click here.
Here is the new video .... click here.

I got  a few responses after the last post on this topic that people were
concerned that if they mounted the magnet on their car it might get scratched. 
So always looking to better a project, I started trying to find a way to
cover the business end of the magnet.  Most of the strength in a magnet
is right near contact, if you put a thick barrier in the way it will deminish the
magnets strength.  After a little trial and error I have settled on shipping tape.
It's thin and strong and has the extra advantage of being slick.
After a couple months of use I am satisfied that it is a good solution.

The second update to this project is really simple.
Just stick a GoPro mounting shoe to the top of a magnet.
Seems like a no brainer, but I hadn't made one. Then one day
I had a GoPro mounting shoe on one of my cameras and needed to
quickly put it on a magnet mount.  After switching out the mounting hardware
I decided its much easier to have both a 1/4 20 and GoPro ready magnet mount.

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