Monday, January 21, 2013

Siesta Key Sunset, Drums and Light Dancers

My big sister taught me the word serendipity when I was a kid.
I have been enjoying it ever since.
Sunday night we went down to Siesta Key to watch the sunset,
I shot a Panning Time-Lapse with my new GoPro Hero3 Black Edition.
No big deal.
We chose Siesta because they have a drum circle on Sunday nights,
we had wanted to check it out but always seemed to miss it.
Not this time.

I get comments on my YouTube channel all the time,
many declare "GoPro's are for sports"
As I have stated many times on this blog before, I will try anything
with a camera once.  One of the nice new features of the
GoPro Hero3 is that it is much more light sensitive.
The exposure is still all automatic, but they added exposure lock
 in time-lapse interval mode.
Which makes bulb like shots possible.
So, serendipity!
Here is the video I shot entirely on the Hero3 Blk click here.
below are a few of the stills, cropped for action.
All the footage was shot in time-lapse interval mode.
1 frame every second.
If you can go out to Siesta on a Sunday night and check
out the show, do it.
You will have fun.
and who knows, serendipity might find you.

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