Sunday, August 18, 2013

DIY GoPro Frame

One is ugly, one is almost elegant in it's simplicity.
Both solve a simple problem, how to shoot with a "naked" GoPro.
The companion video will show you how I made them click here to watch.
The best ground breaking feature of GoPro Hero's was that it included
a water proof housing.  The cameras have proven to be so versatile that
you soon find that you want to shoot out of the water and want to record
good sound.  You can't do that when the camera is in a water proof case.
The company now sells a "frame" housing and a skeleton case.
Both are kind of expensive for occasional "naked" shooting.
The frame is only made for the Hero3.
Years ago before they came out with the "frame" I made the DIY frame
at the top of this page for in car shooting.
It is ugly but it works.
A few bucks in parts and you can make your own.
My new "naked" mount, see below, is inspired by the GoPro
mounts RC plane and copter users developed.
A few bucks for a strip of aluminum, a screw,
and you're in business.  I have been using this new mount for
in car shooting with great success.
The only downside, it does not work with an LCD back.

So? Need a GoPro frame mount? Buy one, or you can try
and make your own. Either way have a great time shooting.

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