Sunday, October 19, 2014

GoPro Hero4 Night-Lapse Demo Shots

GoPro FanBoy alert. You have been warned.

Once again GoPro has managed to squeeze great features into a tiny camera.
The feature I most wanted in a new camera was manual exposure control.
We did not quite get it but were getting closer.  The new Hero4 cameras have a
feature called Night-Lapse.  In it you can set exposures from 2 seconds down to
30 seconds with the ability to adjust ISO in Protune.
What does that mean? You can now shoot cool night time-lapses.
Here is a video I put together of my first test shots.
  The entire video is made from still photos.
Below are some frame grabs for your inspection.

GoPro Hero4 Silver



  1. awesome, im in tampa too! cool shots

  2. Hey, I met you guys Downtown on NYE. Great page !

  3. Thanks! It was nice meeting you. I followed you on YouTube, send me a note when you post some of those cool GoPro time-lapses!

  4. What setting did you use for the car shots? Thanks.

    1. ISO 100, continuous interval, 15 second or 30 second shutter speed. 3000k white balance.
      You will need to play with the shutter speed depending on the lights where your shooting.
      Good luck.

  5. hello
    what a nice timelaps and editing
    can you please tell us what Software you use and how u sync the music with video
    thanks a lot

  6. I use Avid Media Composer, it is a professional editing application for video and sound.


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