Thursday, February 11, 2010

A moment with Yellowstone Buffalo

Here is a new video from our trip last summer.
It should be called the "sounds" of Yellowstone Bison.
Grunts and groans and so much more ..... ah nature.
Three days into any Yellowstone trip and you will realize
that everything runs on bison time.
These enormous beasts just stand in the middle of the roads,
walk across the roads, heck they do anything they want.
What starts as fun sightseeing quickly becomes a game of trying to
miss the latest buffalo traffic jam.
Until that is, you get to the Lamar Valley.
See there is a place where the buffalo roll, yes roll.
The place is next to the road, you can't miss it.
Every buffalo behavior you might want to see is happening here.
The bison roll on their backs, scratching an itch i suppose.
They court, fight, mate, nurse, you name it they are doing it.

This spot was a traffic jam but very different from all the rest.
The drive out to the Lamar valley is wonderful.
Don't miss it.

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