Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sony DCR-SX83 Lightning Test

This is a test of the Sony Handycam dcr-sx83 under low light. We had a cold front blow through the other night, so i set up the handycam for about two hours. The sample clips are in real time, then slowed down and then i threw in a couple freeze frames. I set the camera for zero lux. If you look closely you can see that the cmos chip has a hard time with the lightning, going from black to overexposed in a second causes the scan lines to appear. Other than those limitations, the solid state cameras are nice in that you can set them up and leave them for hours with no worry about a tape ending or for that matter the camera wearing out.


  1. This is cool, but what I would love to see is some footage at about 15 lux. I often shoot indoors under incandescent lighting and am really curious to see how the DCR SX83 handles that scene. If it's snow free, and focus is relatively quick and confident, that would be awesome. For me, that result, along with the warm colors you've captured outdoors, would justify SD over HD.

  2. I will shoot the next big lightning show without the lower lux setting and post the results. I'm interested in that myself.
    The camera is good indoors, the auto focus is o.k. but not "fast".


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