Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring has Sprung

My red seedless grapes have announced the arrival of Spring!!!!
Its always so subtle, one day you just notice little tiny green leaves bursting from what appears to be dead vines.
Last week we had three days of rain, and BOOM! Now i get to wait, to see if i will get grapes this year. Last year it was just too hot early in the season for the grapes to make it but these are the problems you have growing grapes in region 9.

This is a photo from 2006, a good year for grapes in my vineyard.


  1. Oh, Rocket & Delilah are not allowed at your place....grapes are toxic/deadly for dogs.

    But let us know how the wine turns out.

  2. no wine, only table grapes.
    but they sure are sweet when they survive.


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