Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Go Pro Hero HD 9999 Malfunction Problem

The firmware update fixes the 9999 problem.  If you have a GoPro Hero HD (not the 960)
you need to download and apply the newest firmware.
It will also give you great new features.
Here is the latest firmware update link.
Good luck.

****** UPDATE ********
The new HD GoPro Hero firmware is ready!!!!!
I downloaded it today and installed it on two heros.
The process is easy and fast, here is the link.

I will be testing the new firmware and will check to see if 9999 is history.
Will post review of firmware later.

******* UPDATE ********

YES!!!! It is working. I just finished running a long time lapse that straddled the 9999 file number and it worked without a glitch. The file numbers jumped from gopro9999 into a new folder starting with gopro0001.


First, I have to say I love the Go Pro Hero cameras.
They are one of the coolest new camera gadget fun toys of the last decade.
But, if you have seen the file number above, you can join me in the camp
of frustrated fans. GOPR9999 is for me what dropped calls are for Apple i-phone 4 users.

Drop head ........ shake slowly.

I think Go Pro rushed the HD Hero to market too fast. There are a couple software
issues with the new HD Hero cameras, but I could care less about all of them but
GOPR9999. Why? Cause I use the little Heros for time lapse.

Let me rewind for those of you new to the subject, I have experienced this problem with two Go Pro Hero HD cameras.
When your camera reaches the file number GOPR9999 or the 9,999 frame the camera malfunctions. The camera stops taking photos, and starts creating empty file folders until it reaches folder GOPRO999. At this point the camera shows a display but can not be turned off without taking out the battery.

I guess the root of the problem centers around the cameras inability to reset the file counter into another folder or its inability to reset to zero at all.

What about a solution? Word is that there is a firmware update on the way that will fix this and the other problems. The firmware is already past due so what can you due till then?

Well, I have been able to get the camera to reset back to file number 9500ish with the battery out. That will be good enough to shoot video but once you reach file number GOPR9999, the time lapse function of your camera is done.
I guess many owners have not encountered this problem because they have not shot 10,000 pictures. As a rabid timelapser, I shot 10,000 shots within weeks of getting the HD Hero.

I hope the firmware arrives soon.

all the empty folders

the last folder before shutdown

Here is a video I made documenting the problem.


  1. I think you should contact GoPro and demand a solution to this iPhone like "antennagate". Who is the "Steve Jobs" of GoPro? I would like to find out what they have to say?

  2. I too have this issue, with my GoPro HD Hero, exactly the same issue as you and have tried all the same things to resolve - I love my HD Hero but now it is a £300 brick. The long awaited firmware is supposed to fix it, I have also raised the issue via their online support form. I am pretty disappointed that the camera will no longer take any photos and my video filenames are now approaching 9990 (not sure how) but what is going to happen when video file numbering reaches 9999 too??

  3. I am using "GoPro" in Japan.
    I also have the same problem as you.
    It is transported to the United States by Japan and my "GoPro" will be reset.
    The serial number seem to be and there be a problem in the camera of HD1 02 10 xxxxxx.
    It is hoped to be improved by the firmware.

    by root66 from Japan

  4. AlanF if you pull the battery at 9999 it seems to throw the counter back to the mid 9000's, and then you can shoot video again for 500 or so files. The counter does not reset far enough back to do a decent time lapse.

    root66, i would send it back if i thought it would be permanently fixed, i'm just worried it would only be good for 9999 more shots.

    If the reset solves the problem please let me know so i can post it here and send mine away.

  5. As for my GoPro, normal operation was confirmed by the staff of the sales agent in Japan.
    It is being transported to my house now.

    Correct GoPro renews from 0001 of the the deletion of file and each card formats.
    The number might not be reset as for GoPro with the trouble on the way until it reaches 9999.

    The GoPro staff in the United States applied only a part of a new firmware.
    Other firmwares have not been updated.

    Present correspondence can do nothing but send back to the GoPro support or wait for the release of a new firmware.

  6. Thanks for the thread. Tells me all that I need to know. Great concept. Fatal flaw. Crappy support. I have the advantage of reaching the software meltdown number before the 30 day point. I'll just contact my credit card company and file a defective merchandise claim. Perhaps a tide of these claims will get their attention.

  7. Same problem here, using the gopro HD in europe. Will return the cam to the seller when back from my holydays.

  8. My GoPro came back.
    "9999 problems" is solved though Time-Lapse was tested.
    The GoPro staff seems to have applied only a part of a new firmware.

    Whenever the card is formatted, GoPro in which the repair ends is memorized from GOPR00001.jpg.

  9. Only hd1 02 10 xxxxxx serial number has this issue??
    I have hd1 04 xx xxxxxx, and when I formated the sd card, the counter continues... Dont reset to 0001... I have the same issue?

  10. e-mail GoPro with your serial number and ask.
    they will probably tell you to mail your camera to them to have it re-flashed. I haven't sent
    the ones in I use because the HD video is still working and can't spare them at this time.
    I'm hoping they release a firmware fix for all the problems soon.

  11. steve@accesshumboldt.netAugust 16, 2010 at 7:50 PM

    I'm seriously contemplating buying this camera as my go-to timelapse & underwater machine - but this issue is bugging me. Do you expect gopro will fix this on their own - or do I need to start making friends in Half Moon Bay?

  12. I'm waiting to buy another GoPro Hero until I hear they have a fix for the timelapse issue.
    The cameras are great, my original SD wide hero is
    a monster. I have put that little camera through hell and it keeps working. I don't know why they have not solved the issues and put out a firmware patch but I guess they are a small company with huge growing pains.

  13. Getaway Moments, Thanks for posting about the 9999 problem. I too experienced it with my camera. After seeing your video about the problem, i contacted gopro customer support. I had actually contacted them earlier regarding a different problem so was already in the communication chain, when i mentioned to them the problems i was having after taking 9999 still shots. They advised to send the camera in and have it re-flashed with the bug fix. So I sent it in on a Thursday and now 5 days later I got it back and am anxious to see what happens after i hit the dreaded number. All in all it's been a pain in the a*$ but they where at least helpful and efficient in dealing with my problem.

  14. Same problem!
    hollidays in japan, from spain.
    sad, very sad.

  15. B, I think GoPros customer service is great. They just helped me with an issue with my old hero. I am really interested in hearing if your camera is now permanently fixed. I can't send the two HD heros I use to get them fixed till I hear the problems solved. I use them for video most of the time and can't take them off the street.

  16. GoPro support have me answer this after I explain the 9999 problem:

    "Update for Case #65365 - "Camera freeze when reach file n. 9999"

    Hi Federico,

    We have recently become aware of this bug in our current firmware. We are in the process of releasing a firmware upgrade that will fix the issue. Please check the support page on our site over the weekend as it will likely be available.

    Many thanks,

    GoPro Support"

    Hope is true and this weekend will have the fix!!

  17. Tjeeeeeahhhh!!! That would be great!!!

  18. Weekend it's over... fix still not here :´(

  19. Why they don't release only something which will fix this problem then a lot of people could work with the go pro until the firmware will come out! They just sad two months ago that they will release it in a few days...

  20. Firmware is online!!!!!!

  21. The firmware is out and I have installed it,
    very easy and quick. Now lets see if the problems are solved.

  22. Yes please, comment if fix the problem, you will reach 9999 picture before me!

  23. Hi I am also interested in this 9999 issue, I've just updated my cam, its of the HD1 02 10 xxxx series. But It still doesnt reset to GoPRO0001 file when I format the SD card. I'm afraid the bug wont be fixed when I reach 9999 (i'm at GoPRO6900 right now... grrrr!!). My friend's cam always reset to GoPRO0001 after reformatting the sd card (it was like that from the beginning also).
    So please if someone can tell me what happens with the new firmwire once reached 9999, would be great!


  24. YES!!!! It is working. I just finished running a long time lapse that straddled the 9999 file number and it worked without a glitch. The file numbers jumped from gopro9999 into a new folder starting with gopro0001.

  25. 9999 problems relapsed when new FW was applied!!

    The production number is "HD1 02 10 0739xx."

    The first software version is "Ver02.03.24."

    On the way, the version was downed. " Ver02.03.17"

    It relapsed when improving to latest FW. "Ver02.05.11"


  26. WOW, the two cameras I applied the firmware to are working fine. I think it may be time you sent in that camera for a new one.

  27. Hi - I also have this issue - I just loaded the new firmware, but the problem persists. The instructions video shows the camera loading the firmware for a 5-10 seconds before powering off, but mine powered of almost immediately. When I try to load the firmware again, it doesn't do anything - so I guess the firmware has been updated, but didn't fix the issue. My serial is hd1 02 10 xxxxxx. Any ideas??

    Thanks guys!

    Martin from Austria
    btw my camera broke down during in Mongol Rally, in Ukraine :( major letdown

  28. Oh now it worked - just had to repeat the firmware install a couple of times, appearantly pressing the button more the three times did the trick - strange... camera seems to operate normally now, and the new settings are availiable - yei!!

    Martin from Austria

  29. just wanted to add that if your firmware update fails, read the PDF:

    it indicates when the update was successful, and if not, try again - worked for me after some frustration...

  30. Thanks for the note Martin, I think I got lucky and mine worked right the first time.
    Now have some fun shooting!

  31. My gopro hd is no longer working after i did the firmware update, i did exactly as the vid, and now the power buton wont power the camera and the shutter buton beeps 3 times every time I push it, but nothing else hapens..
    I had reset the unit by detaching the battery but the same problem over and over..

  32. e-mail Gopro customer service.... they do a really good job .... I'm not sure the nature of your exact problem .... my firmware updates on several gopro cameras have gone smoothly ....
    e-mail them they will help!

  33. Just started experimenting with a go pro 2 days ago, can you share your workflow ? I am looking to speed things up while keeping some decent quality. Working on a project to do a timelapse side project while on a work assigned travel schdule ( I am a press photographer) Currently I am using a macbook pro, trying time lapse assembler + imovie with mixed results. Again, thanks for all the info (working on a timer too !) let me know if you want to exchange contact info. ENB

  34. I edit on Avid express pro HD .... old .... I think if your using MAC the best way to import stills into a sequence is by using quicktime pro.
    Search for details. Any other questions hit me at getawaymomentsatgmaildotcom I too work the street. Send me some links when you start posting your lapses.

  35. Thanks ! Avid....after editing film in school and 1st career in animation (16mm and 35mm)I did a few years on it...memories ! I found a "recipe" with quick time pro (do not have it installed on my "work" machine yet) and will try some stuff with a beta of FC X . Will send you an email later tomorow.


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