Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How to make an Egg Timer Time Lapse Panning Device Part 2

So there I was, packing up my last two Egg Timer Timelapse Thing-A-Ma-Jigs.
Sending them off to a perfect stranger. O.K. maybe not perfect. You know
timelapse sickness when you see it and poor Philip Bloom
has a full on case of it.
When he made a request for some of my timelapse smack how could I
refuse a fellow addict. Days later as my meet-up haze had cleared I realized
I had an empty place in my life, my favorite homemade photo toys were gone.

What had I done?

What could I do?

Head back to the bench ...... bend, drill and grind out some new

A year ago I made a diy video on how to make an egg timer time lapse unit.
Now I have an update to bring this high tech instrument one step closer to

I'd like to think of this as an open source project, so if you have any modifications please drop me a line or a comment below.
I'd also love to see your version of the Thing-A-Ma-Jig if you build one.



  1. So you inspired me. Here is my first Time Laps.
    Thanks for all the help.

    I used three different programs....all crashed.
    Is there one you like over the other?

  2. Clouds look great, pool has lots of movement.
    Now you need to pan that camera.

    When you are working in HD, it takes lots of horse power, so if you have an older computer you might have problems.
    I use an older program thats no longer available, Avid express pro, I don't have a recommendation on edit programs at this time.

    Good first lapse, now shoot more!

  3. Excellent, many thanks for this video will be really helpful, off to buy an egg timer now! Duncan

  4. Here's mine,

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Fantastic. I get the idea from the videos on how to make it. But what are you using from the 'connector' bolt to the tripod?

  6. Most tripods have a quarter 20 screw that you attach your camera to. So the coupling nut screws into that quarter 20 screw.

  7. can this rig support a 60d + battery grip?

  8. No not really, it can spin it, but if it failed your camera might get damaged. One of my youtube followers built this model and successfully used a rebel t2i on it but a 60D is much heavier. I am currently testing a new prototype that can spin my 7D but I'm not ready to share it quite yet, stay tuned.


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