Saturday, June 26, 2010

Philip Bloom meet up GoPro Eggtimer time lapse

Last night I attended Philip Bloom's St. Petersburg Pass-A-Grille meet up.
The pitch was, come hang out and shoot time lapses of the "epic" clouds and sunset.
I ran two GoPro Hero cameras on the event, one at the waterline (see above)
and one of the crowd.
The crowd camera failed, more on that in a later post, but the other worked well.

As usual my homemade egg timer rig got some weird looks and questions.
Don't laugh, they are small and cheap and provide
a 360 degree panning movement.
They are a perfect match for the GoPro Hero cameras.
If you want to make one check the video out below.

It was a fun meet up with an amazing sky.
More soon about my brush with the HDSLR rock star and more video.


  1. It was a great Florida Meetup! The closing shot at the last few seconds was gorgeous. You can check out the British Invasion at Pass-A-Grille Beach here...

  2. Hello! What is the mount you are using in between the GoPro and the egg time?

  3. Its a GoPro accessory 1/4 20 tripod mount.

  4. Does this only work with the GoPro? I would love to do something similar for a canon 50d. I guess I mostly ask, cause I am not familiar with the feature set of the GoPros.

  5. These timers work best with small cameras, I use my GoPros and my Canon Elph with them. A 50d may be too heavy, but some users have had luck with the digital rebels T3i T2i ect. check this out.

  6. thank you, though I did read it has to have an interval movie mode, my 50d so doesn't have that, and i have to rig some shutter remote (not an issue though). Great article regardless!

  7. Sorry, yes your DSLR needs a separate intervalometer most do. One of the coolest things about the GoPros is it has a built in timer, intended for surf board shooting I think, but i'm happy to use it for timelapse. The canon intervalometer is pricey, but I think there are several off brands available.

  8. Yah the GoPros look cool for this stuff. Building an intervalometer for a Canon wouldn't be to bad if I used an arduino and hacked one together (Gotta love the arduino), i just need the N3 jack. This is becoming a curious project :) I just wasn't sure if the effect was achieved through just interval single frame images or if it required a movie mode that could be turned on and off for intervals at a time.


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