Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"EPIC" Egg Timer exposed by Philip Bloom Key West Meet Up

"EPIC" !!! That is how you would have to describe the moment when one of your
home made tools makes it into a famous blogger's camera bag.
Now I have carried one of these silly things in my gear bag for a couple years now.
First to spin my Canon Powershot SD870 in time lapse mode, and now to spin
my GoPro Hero cameras. I often set up a second camera on shoots
to get a cutaway or a time lapse.
So when Philip Bloom had his meet up in St. Petersburg and invited everyone
to shoot time lapses of the sunset ..... I knew I had a tool that no one
else would have ..... so i put down my 7D and cranked up my egg timers.
Philip liked my sunset enough to drop me a line asking for one of my rigs.
A couple days later my little Frankenstein egg timer is
sunning in Key West, hanging with south Florida's HDSLR elite.
I wonder if it will write?

Here is the egg timer in action next to the Grand Tetons.

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  1. An Egg Timer and an Englishman...

    See the behind the scenes photos in my PhotoBlog...


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