Thursday, June 24, 2010

Catching a Space Station .... not easy

So the idea is, set up two cameras and get a long exposure shot of the
International Space Station (ISS) flying over.

Easy right.

Not so fast.

First check this website for flyover possibilities.
Then set your cameras and wait.
Now depending on a million different variables, make a best guess
and do a few test exposures.
As a general rule I would use a low ISO and set your shutter on bulb, aperture
at say F8. Adjust to taste.


Well here is the best of the night.

The ISS was overhead for FOUR minutes. The orbit was from Southwest to
Northeast. The shot above is looking Northeast as the ISS flew away.
The white line in the middle of the frame is the ISS as the sun reflects off
of its skin.

Now the shot above was going to be "IT", until I bumped the tripod.
Have you ever seen a grown man cry.
The shot was there and I muffed it.
If you look closely you can see the white line from the bottom of the shot
until it jumps to the right for a bit then ends.

After I bumped my sticks I quickly spun the cameras around in an attempt to
save the opportunity. The results were a good test, of course I would like
to have gotten the "IT" shot.

In a few weeks I will try again, maybe my fat feet will stay out of the way.

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