Monday, June 14, 2010

Swallowtail Returns

After an unseasonably cold winter,
twelve days straight of freezing temperatures,
I had not seen any swallowtail butterfly's.

Until yesterday.

This gal, pictured above, flew right in front of me, as if
to say ..... hello were back!
I had no choice but to stand dumbfounded, watching as she stopped
by every nice flower to have a taste.
Swallowtails do not fly at a frenetic pace, they lope along or
push and glide. They are not in a big hurry, so they should
be easy to photograph? Right? No, not really.
But they will go through their entire life cycle in front of
you without hesitation.

Below are two swallowtail videos, I never get tired of watching
them do their thing.

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