Sunday, October 3, 2010

Aloe vs Plumeria

One corner of my garden is a free for all.
Everything that does not have a home ends up there.
Kind of a "lets see what happens" place for horticulture experiments.
Two long time residents are my purple plumeria.
And a patch of aloe.

One of the fun things about having your own green oasis are the unexpected things that happen.

Never, did I think there would be a cage match.


"Tonight an exclusive Getawaymoments premiere"

"A plant plastering"

"A bush battle"

"A rumble in ruffage"


With a stiff uppercutting spear to the leaves.

Ouch, that had to hurt.



  1. Looks like the Plumeria didn't have a fighting chance!

  2. Can I please ask you a question? You posted a review of the Sony DCR-SX63 on youtube. I just bought one and am desperately trying to edit the videos. I have WMM and Adobe premiere, and neither support mpg clips. Please help me! Do I have to individually convert each clip? Is it possible to do a whole batch at once? Is there any third party software that supports mpgs? Please help me, I am so desperate.

  3. I have heard from other users that WMM will work but it must be a newer version, mine does not work. Also, the conversion programs are a big pain in the arse. But try Handbrake, its free last i checked. If i were you I would try finding a newer version of WMM or last but not least try finding a newer version of sony vegas. I hear it works with mgeg2 as well.


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