Monday, November 8, 2010

Monarch Butterfly Birth

If you search Monarch Butterfly's on the internet you will find Petabytes of information and photos and such. Here is my contribution to the pile.

For the last several years I have actively raised Swallowtail butterfly's.
This year I planted a bunch of milkweed in hopes of adding Florida Monarchs to my garden full time. I think the first milkweed plant actually came with a few eggs on it. See below.

A week later they hatch and start eating.

And eating.

Then the caterpillars hang upside down and turn into a chrysalis.

The pupa or chrysalis of the Monarchs are very cool. Jade green with a gold necklace. A week later the butterfly will emerge.

These are Florida Monarch Butterflys (Danaus plexippus) they do not fly to Mexico, they stay here all year round or fly to the Northeast in the summer.
So, if you live in Florida be nice to Monarchs you may be looking at one of my babies.

Here is a video of the Monarch being born.


  1. Very Cool Video Man ! I'm a Butterfly fan too. never saw this perspective. great work and to see it fly off must be rewarding, too cool.

    MacJersey !

  2. That is really cool. I have a house in Cape May, NJ, so I have released two tagged male Monarchs when I was young. I believe the one you released was a female, is that correct? It is the most wonderful feeling to let a butterfly fly for the first time. Protect the Monarchs!!!

    1. Yes female. I have several hanging right now, Monarchs are very cool!


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