Tuesday, February 14, 2012

GoPro Hero2 Time Lapse with a Twist

I have a lot of fun with my GoPro cameras.  Years ago I was amazed at how cool
a simple flying time lapse with my GoPro came out.  This past August 
I had a long cross country flight and decided to try something new, 
And later a driving time lapse.
Is this a technique or shot I would do all the time? No.
But for the right project it could be very cool.
Here is how I did it. Video DIY at bottom of post.

You need to have a compact egg timer and a GoPro J-hook buckle.
Some of the egg timer "designs" are too tall to do this, I would recomend
I have read on many forums that folks have a problem with timers failing,
When you buy, you should pick a timer that "sounds" strong, crank it up and test it.
Also, when you run any of these units you should crank them all the way and then
set your shot.  To do the twist shot you need a strong timer, many timers may not work.
In my driving time lapse with a twist video you can see the timer slip at 1:03.
If you try this shot, use a new timer, the odds are it will have a much stronger mechanism
when it's new.
If you want to get this shot through a window I recommend using two Ultraclamp arms.
Ultraclamps are cheap and very useful for GoPro shooting.

Here is the video DIY  on how to twist you GoPro time lapse.

And a GoPro shooting a GoPro shooting a time lapse with a twist.


  1. Hi, just letting you know I have finally (!!!) put a panning time lapse onto You Tube.



  2. Looks great. Your build worked perfectly, 360 degree perfection.

  3. Love what you do with your GoPros! I strap mine to radio-controlled helicopters but am just getting into timelapse for a project a client wants. Just started practising with the classic "cloud" timelapse. Unfortunately the day was so windy, it shifted my makeshift tripod halfway through! I am "hexcam" on Youtube

  4. Thanks for surfing in, I will check you out on youtube.

  5. I just noticed that I had clicked the stabilise option by mistake and Youtube did some very funky things to my timelapse, like making the mobile phone mast all bendy! These days on the web, it's nice to "surf in" to somewhere pleasant for a change! The web often seems to have diminished to about 4 pages these days!


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