Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lido Beach Sunset with a Canon 7D

I can never get enough of a quiet evening on the beach watching the sun
slip away ending another day.  Our last few mini breaks we have stayed
on Lido Beach in Sarasota Florida.
On our last stay I broke out my under used Canon 7D and tried my best to
re-introduce my self to all the settings and difficulties of shooting video
with a DSLR.  One thing that is definitely hard is trying to follow
focus with a lens that was never intended to be used for video.
The results of my evening shoots are below, and a fun shot
my wife got of a suspicious beach walker and her dis-shoveled


  1. Amazing.... love the dolphins..... is the siesta key chamber called yet???

  2. We like Siesta Key as well, maybe I will shoot there next?

  3. Do you give permission to people to make a copy of your pics? I am in LOVE with your bird picture above and would like to ask your permission to make a copy of it. If so, I would need a much larger copy of it and could you e-mail to suzanneroach@hotmail.com
    I would be so grateful. You do gorgeous work!!


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