Sunday, July 1, 2012

Back Yard Strawberries

Back in March I shot several stories in the Strawberry fields of Plant City Florida.
On one outing I watched as several workers weeded and pulled runners from one field.
  The pile of runners intrigued me, I wondered how they would grow in an earth-box.
With permission, I picked up a few and took them home.
With minimal consideration, I just jammed the runners into an available earthbox 
holding a few pentas.  To my amazement, they exploded and even produced
some really good strawberries.

Above you can see runners jumping out of the earthbox into a strategically placed pot. 
If you have a chance to pick up some strawberry plants, or some runners
give backyard strawberries a try.  After this years success, winter strawberries
may become a regular in my garden.

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