Thursday, July 12, 2012

Canon Rebel T4i First Time-Lapse

I shot my first proper time-lapse with my new Canon T4i.
I used my EF 40mm STM lens on the cloud shots.
My normal intervalometer does not work with the T4i so I ordered an RS-60E3
from Amazon under the name Neewer, which it does not say on it.
All it does say is "shoot"
Hum????  Well, it does work, but you have to find some Chinese import branding
interesting to say the least.
The cloud section was shot at 1 frame every 5 seconds, 100ISO f8 @1/500.
The night moon shot (at the end) was shot at ISO1600 f5.6 @15 seconds.


  1. Gorgeous. Looks like your lens started to fog up towards the end of the moon sequence? Really beautiful. Congrats

  2. Correct, the air is full of moisture here is Florida.


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