Sunday, July 14, 2013

CSI and My Little Garden

When you have a garden, you sometimes find yourself in the middle
of a mystery.  Pieces of seemingly unrelated evidence, death, distruction
and very few answers.  You can get on the interweb and search,
check all your handbooks and still nothing.  Every once and a while you get
a break.  I found this creepy little cocoon actually a pupa while digging a new
plant bed. My interest peeked after I thought I saw it move.  I quickly
cleaned it off and sequestered it to a jar.  Then put it under video surveillance.

The results, where too creepy not to share.

After capturing this wiggle-athon, I placed the pupa in a container
and waited to see who would emerge.
About a week later, I found this little moth in the container.
Its a Cabbage Looper, I think. 
For weeks I had been fighting a loosing battle against caterpillars
on my cucumber plants, and now I had my answer.
Years ago I posted some photos of "Cucumber Bandits"
Now I know the rest of the story.

Cabbage Looper moth lays eggs on cucumber.

Eggs become caterpillars and then eat my cucumber plants.

Then turn into pupa, below and turn brown see top of page.

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