Saturday, December 10, 2011

Inside the new Dali Museum

Last Monday we finally found a quiet day to go see the new Dali museum.
When it first opened we cued up to have a look, but the crowds were too huge.
I blogged about it then, read here, and shot a timelapse of the exterior.
I do not like seeing museums in a crowd, Monday morning was perfect.
The new design is excellent, modest yet dramatic.  The new building is a piece of art.
We were happy to see that there were many new Dali paintings on display that I had not seen before, specifically some of his early oils from his teenage years.  The galleries are well laid out and it's nice to know that they are three stories up and can become sealed vaults if we get a category 5 hurricane.
No photography is allowed in the galleries, but don't forget your camera the new building is
worth a few snapshots. If you come to the Tampa area, make the short drive to St Petersburg
and check out the Dali it's worth it.

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