Saturday, December 3, 2011

DIY - Refridgerator Photo Magnets


Need some help with a little Christmas gift stocking stuffer?
How about home-made refrigerator photo magnets?
Its cheap and fairly easy, a little stinky but the results are cool.
Find some wood scraps, the more interesting the better.
I used some slats from a broken pallet I found at work.

Be careful of old rusty nails.

Cut down to say 3 by 4 inches. Sand smooth.

Print out the most memorable photo you can find, say
three nephews and a niece all smiling at once.

Glue the photos to the wood squares and let dry.

Apply several coats of lacquer, I use Deft.
  Make sure you do this in a well ventilated area.

Let the lacquer dry until it is hard, do not touch.


Glue one or two magnets to the center of the piece and you are done.
It's a great little gift that will clutter you friends and relatives refridgerators
for years to come.  Of course, I come from the "you can never have enough refrigerator art"
school of thinking.  Like a spartan fridge?  Buy everyone fruitcake!

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