Thursday, November 24, 2011

A moment with pika

As I write this, pika sleep.  Probably under a couple feet of snow.  We captured, or I should say my wife captured this video of pika quickly finishing summer's business.  See, pika only live in alpine environments.  These pika are residents of Rocky Mountain National Park, so visiting hours are over for this year.  Come summer you can see these cute varmints up close right on the side of Trail Ridge Road at a place they call "Rock Cut".  You can see them all over the place above the tree line, but if your touring, this is one of the easiest places to take in the show.  Another advantage of "Rock Cut", parking and porta-lets.
If you don't see them right off the bat, don't give up they have great camouflage.  You have to sit and wait.
They zip and zoom, back and forth between rocks.  Shooting them is a bit of a challenge, they look like rocks with little black eyes. And the best part, they are constantly chirping back and forth.  Silly and fun, well worth the price of admission.  Enjoy the video and remember shhhhhhhhhh pika are sleeping.

Rocky Mountain National Park


on the hunt for pika

windy portrait of Mrs. Getawaymoments

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