Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pan Left Sarasota Chalk Festival

On Sunday I had the chance to go to the Sarasota Chalk Festival.  I took the opportunity to shoot my fourth
Pan Left short with my new GoPro Hero2.  If you can, watch the video in HD. The new GoPro creates a
much sharper image then previous models, but with that you blow through the memory cards much faster.
I shot between seven and eight thousand still images to make the time lapses.  The camera was panned using
my homemade time lapse panning unit.  I mounted the camera on a light stand which had a ten foot reach.
In some of the shots you can see movement, luckily I was only bumped in the crowd about four times.
My lovely wife shot some great still photos, scroll down to see a few of them.  If you get a chance to go
see this or another street chalk festival, GO!  The work is amazing and the experience of watching artist
create is always a joy.


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  1. You really captured what it felt like being in that crowd. Contrast is great!!! Just the right venue to show off your talent and Go Pro Hero 2 clarity of colors no fall off. Wife did take some amazing stills


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