Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Time Lapse Panning Unit Malfunction

All cheap kitchen timers have one thing in common, plastic.
It makes them inexpensive, it also gives them a finite lifespan.
I have been using them to spin cameras for a few years now
with very few failures.  But as always with Murphy's Law when
you need a tool to work, failure is always a possibility.


While visiting Mt. Evans on vacation I decided to try for two GoPro shots of the
drive down the mountain.  The first shot would be a static shot looking forward   
              and the second shot would be a panning time lapse from the roof of the car.                

Well, the panning shot did not work. It was supposed to slowly pan left showing the car and the view. Instead it panned a little then slipped, panned a little, slip.  Why? Who knows.  It may be the spring was too weak, something broke, the wind pushed it around.  I have had these things run fine on top of a  car for an hour at 60-70mph.  To be transparent and allow my readers to share in the failures as well as the successes, here is one of the time lapses that did not work.  It is still an interesting piece of video with breathtaking views, too bad Murphy was along for the ride.

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